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Film & TV


Cute, funny, grumpy, unique

or just simply bizarre.


We have the perfect animal for the job.


Using our experience and expertise we can source, provide and train any animal for your TV or film production. 

"Never work with animals or children" was a famous quote from W.C. Fields

The unpredictable nature of animals make for much hilarity, but can be highly challenging when weaving into a story line.

When training animals for the screen it begins with a call from either the producer, production designer or art director with their specific requirements. Following the initial conversations and going through the script to break down the animal action required we choose the right animals for the casting sessions. Then the training begins - and it can last months!

Why not get in touch today and discuss your requirements?

With over 40 years in the industry, we have provided a wide range of animals to a many films and TV shows.

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